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“… the ‘Myth Project III’ was a subtle and beautiful success.”

The Myth Project III: American Dreaming (2008)

— San Diego CityBeat Magazine
San Diego CityBeat Magazine
The Kinsee Report (3/18/2008)

“Myth Project III: American Dreaming”

Saturday night was busy for Patricia Rincon, who was running around The Warehouse in Barrio Logan (a private venue with an unpublished address) trying to herd the sold-out crowd into place just minutes before The Myth Project III: American Dreaming began.

The site-specific, multimedia performance piece that followed was entrancing. For the opening segment, Rincon’s Dance Collective (www.rincondance.org) rolled and leaped around the dusty concrete floor, moving in ways that symbolized hard, monotonous work while a shadow of an oil pump teetered up and down like a possessed seesaw in the background. With the help of visual artists Teri Hughes and Marcela Villasenor and composer Don Nichols, Rincon and her dancers broke down the myth of the so-called American Dream and touched on political issues like immigration while maintaining an aesthetic that even the most red-necked immigrant hater could appreciate.

In short, ‘The Myth Project III’ was a subtle and beautiful success. Rincon and crew head over to their next site, a historic landmark schoolhouse in Encinitas at the corner of Fourth and F streets at 8 p.m. March 29 and 30. Don’t wait around to buy tickets; if it’s anything like the last performance, they will sell out.

Kinsee Morlan
San Diego CityBeat Magazine
March 18, 2008

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