Blurred Borders Dance Festival 17 Press Release

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For Immediate Release: March 13, 2016
Contact: Natalia Valerdi (619) 851-9349

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Daring and Thought-Provoking Festival begins April 29, 2016

Danza Viral Blurred Borders #17 duet_press

Danza Viral – Blurred Borders Dance Festival #17. Dancer: Andrea Holguin. Photo: Alejandro Contreras.

Renowned for its adventurous programing, the Patricia Rincon Dance Collective celebrates its 34-year anniversary this year with a new experimental installation of “Blurred Borders Dance Festival” #17 at the Molli and Arthur Wagner Studio 3 Black Box Theatre, located on the UC San Diego campus, on April 29 and 30 @ 8:00 PM.

The two-evening performances mark what many San Diego audiences have come to regard as one of the premiere risk-taking annual San Diego dance events. The festival is an annual cross-cultural event created to foster the artistic and intellectual exchange of ideas of progressive international, national, and local artists. Over the years this event has brought to San Diego stages exciting companies from Singapore, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, San Francisco and Los Angeles, in addition to many well-respected local and national solo dance theater artists.

This year’s Blurred Borders event will feature two premiere works by Patricia Rincon in collaboration with artists from Switzerland and Mexico.

Each artist is crossing boundaries in their work and blurring the lines between art forms with quality and daring inventiveness. A cultural landscape of fresh, top-notch multi-media dance-theatre, including two San Diego premieres.

  • WHERE: Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building, Studio 3 Black Box Theatre, UC San Diego Campus.

  • WHEN: April 29 & 30, 2016 @ 8:00 PM

  • TICKETS: Purchase online at: http://rincondance.org

    • Advance/online sales: $18 General; $11 Students/Seniors (65+)

    • At the door: $22 General; $15 Students/Seniors (65+)

This year’s Blurred Borders Dance Festival features …


“Clouds In My Room” is an international choreographic collaboration between Dancer/Choreographer/Director Béatrice Jaccard, and Peter Schelling, of Company Drift (Cie Drift), internationally acclaimed theatre-dance company from Zurich, Switzerland; and Patricia Rincon, Artistic Director/Choreographer of Patricia Rincon Dance Collective (San Diego), who is also Head of Undergraduate Dance at UC San Diego.

“Clouds in My Room” is a solo dance theatre work performed by Beatrice Jaccard — co-created by Rincon, Jaccard and Schelling — that explores one woman’s fanciful aloneness experienced through dreamlike encounters that are imagined, whimsical, offbeat, and bizarre — all while sitting in her room playing an accordion. Jaccard will be singing live, playing accordion and speaking text while performing. The piece is a physical dance theatre work that engages the audience to ask questions around aloneness. Where is the line between reality and fantasy?


Danza Viral, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in collaboration with Patricia Rincon

“Threads” is a cross-border collaboration with Mexican dance company Danza Viral (Andrea Holguín, Diana Vizcaya, Kimberly Medina) and Artistic Director Patricia Rincon.

“Threads” is a new work by Patricia Rincon, informed by her recent research of the Otomi indigenous tribes of Guanajuato, Mexico. The Otomi women are famous for their intricate weavings and dolls and pass this tradition to the women of their tribe from generation to generation. The Otomi Tribe lives as a sub-culture on the streets and in the fabric of daily contemporary Mexican life. “Threads” is a work inspired by the stories of these women; their art-making, their politics, and contemporary life in an ever-changing world. The piece speaks to all women who strive to preserve cultural identity through art and life. “Threads” is made in collaboration with lighting designer Wen Ling Liao, scenic designer Victoria Pertrovich, and video artist Andrea Holguín.



Company Drift sets out to exhibit profound surrealism with a seemingly effortless ease. The ensemble sets out to examine the absurdities of everyday life. The effect can be as unexpected as it is absurd and disturbing. Every simple pose, every gesture comprising the work provides a basis for the works in both concept and movement, and have become the personal signature of the company.

Company Drift Artistic Directors Béatrice Jaccard and Peter Schelling have worked together since 1987. Their dance creations, which range between violence and tenderness, places Company Drift among the best groups that the Swiss dance scene has to offer. Lightness and playfulness mingle with bewilderment. And the impact is usually enchanting. Tragic and comic moments occur side-by-side. Stories are told in a nonlinear sequence of intense atmospheric images. There are fantastic colors shining through sharply-structured surfaces — tender, touching encounters develop into a furiously-danced descent into hell. Their dance is an amalgam of everyday life, realistic and abstract both, dreamlike imagery.

Drift is equally successful on the international scene, having presented their work in 31 countries. In 2007 they received the prestigious Swiss Award for Dance and Choreography for their complete works.



Viral Dance Collective is under the direction of Andrea Holguin, Diana Vizcaya, and Kimberly Medina who are also the choreographers and dancers. They are currently the resident company of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato City, where they create works at the Cultural Center Allende with company members teaching workshops and offering professional artistic courses and events to the community.

The company was founded in Mazatlán, Sinaloa by students from the Professional School of Dance in Mazatllán. As a collective they are multidiscipline artists experimenting with various multimedia, theatre and performance art. The combination and incorporation of these diverse interests have become the company’s signature and have defined them as exciting new artists outside the traditional dance forms, blending these different génres together.

Danza Viral has participated in various Mexican Dance Festivals such as: El Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea José Limón, Festival Cultural Mazatlán, INCORPORARTE, Escena Móvil Mazatlán, FELIART, Festival Internacional Itinerante de Video-danza Agite y Sirva, y el Festival de Cine de Toluca. At International Festivals such as: La Cuarta muestra de las artes escenenicas, Movimiento Continuo 2013 in Bogota, Colombia; Official selection for Solodos Certamen in Barva, Costa Rica; and toured Ecuador in September 2014.

Danza Viral welcomes collaboration with artists and choreographers from different artistic backgrounds to further expand their own creative vision through artistic dialogue.


PATRICIA RINCON Artistic Director (San Diego)

PATRICIA RINCON ARTISTIC DIRECTOR has performed, directed, choreographed and participated in annual workshops and performances in Mexico, Argentina, Europe, and California. As Artistic Director of Patricia Rincon Dance Collective she has continued developing the popular annual Blurred Borders Dance Festival and the Myth Project dance theatre series, both set in San Diego each year. The company recently completed a performance tour to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012 and recently completed a tour to the international TANZINOLTEN Dance Festival in Switzerland, as well as other performances in Zurich, Switzerland in 2013. Since 1999 Ms. Rincon has been an active trans-border visiting artist at the El Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez El Nigromante (Bellas Artes) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She has been actively teaching workshops to the community and developing both local and international performances with her professional dance company, the Patricia Rincon Dance Collective.

Ms. Rincon also continues to develop dance video-film projects which have been awarded numerous UC San Diego grants for research, development, and publication of LATINO NOW: Landscape of Desire, a documentary dance film by Patricia Rincon and Paula Zacharias, in both Spanish and English, about immigration and the American Dream, ­filmed in Mexico, Argentina and California. Landscape of Desire had its premiere screening at the UCSD Art Gallery’s Fronteras Series, “Re-Remembering Fronteras,” in March 2011. With a rescreening at San Diego Repertory Theatre’s Tortilla Curtain series, March 2012, and at the National University Institute of Arts (IUNA) Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2011. Ms. Rincon’s video-film Waiting, a dance film by Patricia Rincon and Paula Zacharias, had its international première at the Festival Internacional VideoDanzaBA, in Buenos Aires, in October 2008. Subsequent screenings included the Tijuana-San Diego Dance-on-Film Festival, at Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), in February 2009; and at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas in March 2009. Ms. Rincon continues her research for her Myth Project series in Mexico, where in 2015 she received a UC research grant to return to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to research the Otomi Indian tribes in the Guanajuato region to film and study these tribes and their cultures of weaving and sewing for the creation of “Threads.”

Ms. Rincon leads annual workshops at the Universities of Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and in Konstanz, Germany. She also taught for many years at the Universities of Zurich, Bern, and Lugano Switzerland, and at the IUNA Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Patricia is currently Head of Dance at the UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance. She is former Chair of the Encinitas Arts Commission, where she also helped write the charter for that nascent organization.

The Patricia Rincon Dance Collective (PRDC) is a San Diego-based professional dance theatre performing company aspiring to educate dancers and enrich San Diego audiences by providing diversified, socially-conscious, innovative programming and choreography. The organization (PRDC) has been producing dance for 34 years, working both independently and collaboratively with other prolific artists and arts organizations since 1982. 2016 marks the 34-year anniversary for this artistic director/producer. More company information and additional background info on Blurred Borders Dance Festival #17 can be found at www.rincondance.org

“Blurred Borders Dance Festival is about much more than movement.”
San Diego Union-Tribune

Clouds #1_4press

“Clouds in my Room” – Performer: Beatrice Jaccard. Photo: Peter Schelling. Collaborators: Beatrice Jaccard, Patricia Rincon and Peter Schelling

The Patricia Rincon Dance Collective receives significant funding from The San Diego City Commission for Arts and Culture, the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts, the City of Encinitas and the Mizel Family Foundation Community Grant Program, and private donors.