Blurred 2011: Peterson


Alicia Peterson-Baskel in "Untitled; Center of the Unverse" at Blurred Borders International Dance Festival 2011.

Alicia Peterson-Baskel in "Untitled; Center of the Unverse" at Blurred Borders International Dance Festival 2011.

Untitled; Center of the Universe is a duet between a dancer and sound designer. In merging movement and sound, the work examines the central point of perception created by individual consciousness. It asks, “What if we were each the center of our own universe—and if that were a socially acceptable focus?” Through the integration of dance and live manipulation of sound and text using computer software, the two onstage performers create a world that is deeply personal, yet universal.

Untitled; Center of the Universe doesn’t lead its audience through a clear narrative, but it does lead them nonetheless. It is a journey—sometimes funny, sometimes somber—through the space of thoughts and between thoughts, inquiring whether the thing or the space within the thing is more valuable. Both performers are seen, visibly working and improvising together in real time. The space starts with the simplicity of two but by the end is filled with ideas and memories. The piece continually plays with audience performance expectations, exposing insecurities through quirky movement, fragmented text, and sound manipulation.

The history of Untitled; Center of the Universe is one of ongoing evolution. Created originally as a dance solo in February 2009, the piece examined the choreographer’s personal questions about identity, association, and consciousness. The addition of live sound manipulation in October 2009 introduced another dimension to these questions while providing a sonic world in which the dance could live.

ALICIA PETERSON BASKEL is a choreographer/dancer living and making work in San Diego. Her work exists in the space between real and imagined. It utilizes spontaneous text and movement within set processes.  Baskel is interested in challenging popular ideas of what choreography is and imagining what it could become.  Her method of dance making involves full investigation of what is on the inside and full exposure of this to the outside, requiring a patient rehearsal period that allows the dance to reveal itself.  Baskel is greatly influenced by the work of Tere O’Connor and the practices of Deborah Hay.  Alicia Peterson Baskel received her MFA in Dance Theatre from UCSD this past March and has founded the dance theatre company Alicia Peterson Baskel w/others.  www.aliciabaskel.com

OMAR RAMOS is a lighting and sound designer for theater and dance. He is particularly interested in real-time design for aleatoric stage works and approaches that assist art in effecting social change. Sound design credits include Or, (Moxie Theatre); Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins, The Marriage Bed, Bent (Diversionary Theatre); Hedda Gabler, Camino Real (UCSD Theatre and Dance). Other collaborations with Baskel include Neither here nor There and Space Between. He is a recent graduate of the MFA Theatre Design program at UC San Diego with an emphasis in lighting and sound design. omar-ramos.com