Blurred 2011: Cie Drift


"Black Peter" by Compagnie Drift at Blurred Borders International Dance Festival 2011. Photo by Christian Glaus.

"Black Peter" by Compagnie Drift at Blurred Borders International Dance Festival 2011. Photo by Christian Glaus.

Cie Drift -Swiss contemporary dance theatre group

Company drift sets out to exhibit profound surrealism with a seemingly effortless ease. The resultant effect can be as unexpected as it is at the same time absurd and disturbing. Every simple pose, every simple gesture, no less than the work as a whole, provides a basis for constant movement and have become the instrument for the specific and very personal signature of company drift.


IDEA/ MUSIC COMPOSITION François Gendre, Massimo Bertinelli

BY AND WITH Massimo Bertinelli, François Gendre, Béatrice Jaccard, Peter Schelling PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Beatrice Rossi

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Thomas Vontobel

A co-production with Nuithonie Fribourg and company drift
Premiere: 24th of August 2009 at Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich Switzerland

Further performances: Theater Roxy Basel (ch), Nuithonie Fribourg (ch), Théâtre la Fourmi, Lucerne (ch), Festival Incontriteatrali, Lugano (ch), Teater Ticino, Wädenswil (ch), Theater Phönix Steckborn (ch), Studio 12, Bratislava (sk), Divadlo Andreja Bagara, Nitra (sk), Stanica, Zilina (sk), Kasárne/Kulturpark, Kosice (sk), Teatro Regina Margherita, Marcialla (I), Blickfelder – Schauspielhaus Zürich (ch), Brotfabrik, Bonn (d), Pumpenhaus, Münster (d), Blurred Border Festival, San Diego (usa), Teatro del Gatto, Ascona (ch), schweizgenössisch – Radialsystem, Berlin (d), Theater Rigiblick, Zürich (ch)

drift’s new project is music, it’s movement and scientific tests.
It is also: poetic, cynical, electronic, pneumatic, cybernetic, dramatic, chaotic/ romantic and with a trace of hysteria.

After the theatrical concert “sound machine” that – in the meantime – has been performed with great success throughout the world and – in the process – has gathered the audiences’ hearts as well as numerous prizes, compagnie drift has created a production in which music is again at the focal point.

The musicians, performers, dancers, inventors, craftsmen and long-term compagnie drift collaborators, François Gendre, Massimo Bertinelli und Peter Schelling, have turned their own world on its head and have created another theatrical concert… but one completely lacking theatre!

And almost lacking dance. And in the process, cross our hearts, they won’t sound anything out, investigate anything, research anything and in any way clarify any circumstances that relate to anything, not even to their representation.

And their piece will not just be a string of references to all sorts of things and won’t just be comprehensible in the context of something else.

They make music more than anything, with the massive support of inventions and computer industry products that they handle and manipulate in such a way as to ensure that any possible social utility is lost. They invent a music in which everything will be “instrumentalized”: they themselves as well as the machines they create. Thus a dramaturgy is produced with the goal of subsuming itself under the logic, procedure and rhythms of directives that gain a life of their own.

Cause and effect no longer have a perceivable connection.

In parallel, totally flipped-out objects of daily life offer the necessary anchor to technoid musical fantasies while they also try to make the emotional contents visible.

press excerpts

‘…Cie. Drift’s concert ‘Black Peter’ is very convincing. The three performers are marvelous musicians and singers; they can connect their bodies and voices to vacuum cleaners, musical robots and computer sounds in such a way that a strong, deeply personal expression results…” ragazzi EOLO, Revista di Teatro, Italien, Mario Bianchi, Mai 2010

‘…In Cie. Drift’s absurd and entertaining “Black Peter”, you have to imagine three grown up men who build electronic objects out of lawnmower parts combined with all sorts of devilish electronics, and who move along with blow dryer motors making music in a ‘Kraftwerk’-like style. A beautiful concert!”

Krapp’s Last Post, Renzo Francobandera, Italien, Mai 2010

„A construction site of sound… a musical treat…“
…full of mad humor and stoic charm. Three black-clad clowns of arts and crafts, unusually prone to singing, stem and conjure up their acts on a stage covered with cables and odd equipment… Tinguely’s joyous machines and Marthaler’s sober and mad dramaturgies come to mind, and the three performer’s music is as much steered by Tom Waits’ testosterone-steeled pathos as it is by the noise scores by groups such as Tuxedomoon… Add here the desire to relate sound to the body… it comes at you sly, dry and irresistibly thrilling. A wonderful performance…“
Mittelland Zeitung, Basel, 31.08.09

„Sound-freaks from Absurdistan“
„… an absurd stream of images… The group’s three gentlemen are passionate technology freaks and do-it-yourselfers… On stage in „Black Peter“ (besides the three male long-term drifters): a sound machine made of speakers, little lamps and „moo“-cans, an insect born of electric drills and a vacuum for marbles that steals Peter Schelling’s air until he roars on the beat – while this time Béatrice Jaccard keeps an eye on the events from the outside…“
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 26.8.09

With the support of: Kulturförderung der Stadt Zürich, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Kanton Freiburg – Kulturförderung, Loterie Romande, Paul Schiller Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Schweiz. Interpreten Stiftung