THE MYTH PROJECT events are created to investigate a contemporary take on ancient myths as a way of asking questions and looking at how we live today.


The Myth Project II: Sensitive Habitats. Photo by Elazar C. Harel.The original Myth Project(2006), about the making of a warrior, was conceived and directed by Liam Clancy and Patricia Rincon, both professors at the University of California San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance. Part of its aim was toexamine the essence of storytelling as a “charter for social action” through original site-specific works blending dance, theater, circus and spectacle as a way to re-embody contemporary and ancient myths. The original “Myth Project” was created at the former NTC — Naval Training Center (now NTC Promenade), and at La Carpa, a huge performance art circus tent in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with artistic collaborators Rebecca Bryant, Iain Gunn, Bridget Rountree, and composer Don Nichols. It combined elements of theater, circus, dance and sound.

Myth Project II: “Sensitive Habitats” (2007) was about latinos living in the U.S. It was directed by Robert Castro and Patricia Rincon, with artistic collaborations shared with Iain Gunn, Bridget Rountree, and composer Don Nichols, and was presented both at Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park, and then outdoors throughout Oakcrest Park, in Encinitas.


Myth Project III: “American Dreaming” (2008) was conceived and created by Patricia Rincon, in collaboration with visual artists — Terri Hughes and Marcela Villasenor, and composer Don Nichols, as a collaborative site-specific, multi-influenced event delving into the myths of the iconic American Dream, using visual art installations, photography, video, dance, and original music compositions to explore the many facets of our rich cultural history. Created for two unique sites. The first in a downtown Barrio Logan warehouse, and the second in an 1883 Historic landmark schoolhouse in Encinitas.

The Myth Project IV: “Fairytales From the Fringe,” (2009) was inspired by the fairytales of the 15th-18th centuries, the metaphors handed down over hundreds of years and retold in story form. Fairytales delves into the mythology of these olden stories with tales of human heroism, beauty, morals, and poetic fantasy.


The Myth Project V: “Cowboys: The American Heroes, ” (2010) conceived and directed by Patricia Rincon, is inspired by the history and myth of the American cowboy. Using images of the American cowboy in film, history, popular culture, and music to explore the relationships of the American mythical cowboy in our society today.